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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

Although I do not recall exactly how The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation came to my attention but it has stuck with me and I thought to write a brief post for those of you who, like me up until fairly recently, have never heard of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

In thinking of ways to support this cause I thought to sign up for a race and then create a fundraiser. I have since expanded on the idea of creating a fundraising project around a long distance race and I look forward to sharing the details with you all soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Individual Giving Webinar

Individual Giving
Tuesday December 4th
12:00-1:30 EST

Compliment major gifts and ongoing fundraisers and campaigns by learning about Individual Giving.

Autodidacts enjoy!


While reading the blog Oneika the Traveller, I learned about an online blogging community called SITS. I think it is a great idea so I'm sharing it here and hope that it proves to be a resource in some way to your ventures big and small.