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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Music Features

I have met a few musicians recently and wanted to put up another post today to feature these artists.


Here is some of the information about Dispatch as featured on their website, "...when the guys decided to hit the road last summer on their first U.S. Tour in nearly a decade, they chose to focus on America’s education crisis. For too long, a child’s zip code has defined their educational destiny. Through DISPATCH’s multi-faceted and collaborative Amplifying Education campaign, band members and fans alike are discovering together how small actions can make a big difference in the lives of children across the country."
"Bang Bang"

Valery Buskings

I met half of the Swiss duo Valery Buskings and visited their You Tube Page as well. Their ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) feature can  be viewed here

Below you can visit their blog as well as view Valery Buskings performing live in Melbourne, Australia.

"Mit Der Live"

Injinji: The Original Performance Toe Sock

Injinji Logo

What keeps you motivated in reaching your fitness goal(s)? I define Fitness as a lifestyle rather than something temporary.

Having the best gear for your individual needs is a step in the right direction. Prior to running in Injinji performance toe socks, I was just wearing regular socks and not thinking too much about proper athletic gear.

I used to jog over the Brooklyn Bridge sometimes so my main focus as far as running gear had been to invest in a wind mask and running pants with wind panels on them.

Currently, I run in performance toe socks from California based Injinji (In-jin-jee). This company started in 1999. The name Injinji is a word of African origin which refers to the point at which a drumming circle reaches it peak.

The Injinji Blog features some interesting features including "Foot to the Floor: Why You Should Choose Toesocks."

Through July 31st, Injinji is running an Instagram contest in which they will be giving away a free pair of socks every day.

Visit their Facebook page to read more about the Instagram contest including the Grand Prize of a $100.00 gift certificate to their online store.

Injinji's affiliations include The Independent Running Retailer Association as well as The Conservation Alliance, whose mission is,"to engage businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values."

I like the Injinji, "Manifestoe". It is as follows, “Forever committed to innovation that allows your feet to live and perform at their peak. We are a better way.”