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Monday, July 31, 2017

Communication Fingerprint

I was getting my day started and thinking about communication styles, idiosyncrasies we all have as a result of where we are from, where we have lived, languages spoken etc....

In short, communication fingerprints and how interesting they are in their origin.

While living in NYC a few years ago I met a student who was originally from India but had been raised in Sweden. I got the impression that she had fielded more than one awkwardly worded question about 'what' she is.

I can remember meeting a Ghanaian who speaks English as a fourth language and she shared that her husband (then fiancee) is Korean and was adopted by an Italian-American family.

Working for a non profit in Washington,DC I met a London School of Economics grad who was raised on a Norwegian compound in Madagascar.Not making that up folks.Although I would think that having this sort of experience in your formative years would yield a pretty exceptional worldview, I didn't set off with an endless stream of questions.

According to a Pew researcher featured in the hourly news summary currently up on NPR, interracial marriage is on the rise.Add to that, if it's not just my impression, people in general seem to be moving all over the place for work, education,marriage or just travel for their own leisure.

What will communication fingerprints look like in the future?

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