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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Georgia Gives Day

Since I launched The Fifty Co-Op I have signed up for many e-newsletters. Through following up on a notice I received from the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, I was able to speak with Mackenzie Wood, Development Director at GCN. This 20 year old organization is a "professional association and resource center for non profits in Georgia."
GCN acts as a resource for all of Georgia's nonprofit organizations, serving over 3000 each year. In addition to, "connecting non profits to the right capacity resources," GCN prioritizes "helping them streamline their operations so that they can spend more resources on what they do best - serving their clients."
 Most recently, GCN has been gearing up for Georgia Gives Day. GCN has been a resource to the participating organizations by working to connect them media outlets and to create an opportunity for them to shine through a statewide initiative.
 This project has some angels! "Edelman Public Relations has been on board since the very beginning helping us with strategy and the public relations," and " how to position this experience." GCN has, "had some amazing in-kind service."
 Along with media and public realtions resources at their disposal, GCN has, "endorsements from Atlanta's Mayor and the Secretary of State."
 In inspiring future leaders, GCN, facilitates events that teach skills through the lens of leadership as well as, "learning from other people."

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

Although I do not recall exactly how The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation came to my attention but it has stuck with me and I thought to write a brief post for those of you who, like me up until fairly recently, have never heard of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

In thinking of ways to support this cause I thought to sign up for a race and then create a fundraiser. I have since expanded on the idea of creating a fundraising project around a long distance race and I look forward to sharing the details with you all soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Individual Giving Webinar

Individual Giving
Tuesday December 4th
12:00-1:30 EST

Compliment major gifts and ongoing fundraisers and campaigns by learning about Individual Giving.

Autodidacts enjoy!


While reading the blog Oneika the Traveller, I learned about an online blogging community called SITS. I think it is a great idea so I'm sharing it here and hope that it proves to be a resource in some way to your ventures big and small.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEGES Foundation-Nest for Educational Growth and Environmental Safety

NEGES Foundation is proud to launch the very first plastic collecting center
in Léogâne.

We invite you to save up your plastic bottles and to join us to the first
green festival:

Green Energy Extravaganza

At the Program Launch Event, you will have the opportunity to learn how the center
Ramase Lajan creates sustainable jobs for the people in the community, improves
sanitation and fights the spread of diseases and exchange with friends of Léogâne
and advocates for a clean environment.

Where: Mon P’tit Village, Dampus, National Road #2, Léogâne, Haiti
When: April 22th-29th at 11AM to 5 PM

Attendees will also enjoy complimentary natural beverages, dance performance,
fresh air and pure relaxation under the MPV attractive gazebo!

Please save the date and join Neges Foundation and Executive Without
Borders Ramase Lajan Program Launch Event April 22- 29 at Mon Ptit
Village Campus!

See the invitation document. Feel free to forward this invitation to all your friends
who care about the environment and nature.

To RSVP, email us at

To contribute, give directly to

For more information regarding Neges Foundation and how you can get involved
please visit our website


NEGES Foundation - Nest for Educational Growth and Environmental Safety

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Southern Mutual Help Association

I love to take the opportunity to shout out community initiatives in rural areas.This link is a story about a family who lost their home and was able to move forward with the support of the Southern Mutual Help Association.

Housing Resources in Illinois

The organization Housing Action Illinois has a stunning amount of information available on their website.I don't know if I can really do it justice so I'll put up a few points here..

They provide training for Housing Counselors and you can find a schedule at this link.Their listing of Community Housing Development organizations can be found here.Also, some resources about Employer Assisted Housing including REACH (a statewide incentive program) can be found here.

Volunteer Stewardship

The Points of Light Institute has an interesting option for online learning available on their website.I don't know exactly how they engage with the Hands On Newtork, but the two organizations have an effort called HandsOn University where you can take courses related to volunteer stewardship.

Grant Proposals-Twin Cities

Over the past few months I  have attended many a webinar so some of the organizations you will see on The Fifty Co-Op , I learned of during these events.

I can't recall how I learned about the Otto Bremer Foundation.Now I know for sure how to spell Minnesota.

The link below provides information about what they generally support and they also provide some guidance regarding what falls outside of their focus.

That's extra helpful in my book-no guesswork for applicants.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Submission of Information

Thank you for your ongoing feedback and support of The Fifty Co-Op.Please send submissions to

Media for Social Uplift
The origins of this project go back to when I used to trade information with a friend in our mutual effort to become more financially savvy.Over time and partly as a result of my own experiences with unemployment and the trials of people I know who have been unemployed, unexpectedly or otherwise,I made more of an effort to get the word out about opportunities,jobs etc...

We're almost at 1,000 views and I know not all of those are me looking back at old posts. : )

I have received information about some great resources and programs and that adds alot to The Fifty Co-Op as no matter how much research I do, information from contrubutors is always welcome.

A bit of housekeeping....anything with profanity or pictures of you and your boo (or anyone for that matter) going at it will not be posted.

That aside, moving forward The Fifty Co-Op will continue to be a resource for jobs,job training,housing assistance,food assistance,professional development,education and encouragment in general.

My writings will be featured under a few different tags. See below.

The Fifty Co-Op Kitchen
Be Informed
I'm Writing Again

Thank you.

Before the Sunrise

I must have somehow hit the on button on my i-pod shuffle early this morning...I heard some music playing and it happened to be on a D'Angleo song.

What a wonderful way to wake up! Seems to be a scene out of a movie or something.

I had the chance to see him live in Bmore.Hope we all hear more from him in the future.

Listening to some D'angelo right now.

I'll put up music posts in the kitchen as, for me at least,the two are a natural fit.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrapple Sandwich

Today I started doing some research so that I could put up some information about the food heritage of the Eastern Shore.I found some information about Smith Island Cake,now the official state dessert of Maryland actually!

Also, I found a video about making scrapple.

I never knew exactly what scrapple was made of beyond just a general sense that it was different parts of the hog.I can remember having it by itself or with some mustard,I used to like mine a little crispy.Now that I am researching food heritage, I am finding information about the larger cultural heritage in the Delmarva (Deleware/Maryland/Virgina) area and already I can see that I set quite a task for myself here.

My general impression based on what I have read of my own family history reminds me in some ways of the cultural history of Jamaica in that people of African descent as well as people from what is now the United Kingdom created a distinct culture.I'm starting to move beyond those general impressions to gain more of a thourough understanding of the forces that shaped Delmarva culture in general and the culture of the Eastern Shore specifically.

The population of Maryland is not quite six million people.I'm not sure how much smaller that number gets when you narrow that down to the population of the Eastern Shore. I want to play some part in keeping the history and traditions going so I'll be posting up info and recipes from the Eastern Shore in The Fifty Co-Op Kitchen from time to time.

Digitizing Delmarva Heritage and Traditions initiative

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Twitter [at]fiftycoop

I am over in the Twittosphere tweeting about the Foundation Center's Proposal Writing Basics webinar.

Communication Fingerprint

I was getting my day started and thinking about communication styles, idiosyncrasies we all have as a result of where we are from, where we have lived, languages spoken etc....

In short, communication fingerprints and how interesting they are in their origin.

While living in NYC a few years ago I met a student who was originally from India but had been raised in Sweden. I got the impression that she had fielded more than one awkwardly worded question about 'what' she is.

I can remember meeting a Ghanaian who speaks English as a fourth language and she shared that her husband (then fiancee) is Korean and was adopted by an Italian-American family.

Working for a non profit in Washington,DC I met a London School of Economics grad who was raised on a Norwegian compound in Madagascar.Not making that up folks.I would think that having this sort of experience in your formative years would yield a pretty exceptional worldview but I didn't set off with an endless stream of questions.

According to a Pew researcher featured in the hourly news summary currently up on NPR, interracial marriage is on the rise.Add to that, if it's not just my impression, people in general seem to be moving alll over the place for work, education,marriage or just travel for their own leisure.

What will communication fingerprints look like in the future?

Knowledge at Wharton

Recently I came across a great resource for information on the website of University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

The link below should take you to archived podcasts.Right now I am listening to 'Is the End Near for the Eurozone.'

If you're somewhat of an auditory learner like me than you may enjoy this.

Somewhere over the rainbow I would like to be in a position to invest.
The more I learn the more I realize I need to learn.I intuitively know from watching (insert major news network here) broadcasts about investing and from reading (insert name of major online business publication here) that gaining a familiarity with the trends in business and understanding the proper way to build wealth and manage money can make a big difference in where and how I spend my 'golden years' and it's obvious that if I put it off it will never happen.I do not believe in signing myself up for extra struggle so my way of avoiding unnecessary financial struggle later in life is to Be Informed about how to lay the groundwork for financial stability later in life.

If you want to join me in my effort to be fluent in investing-eese, feel free to pop by 'Be Informed' (tag on the right side of the blog).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hand In Hand Baltimore: Re-Entry Program

Hand In Hand Baltimore: Re-Entry Program

Each year thousands of youth under the age of 18, are charged as adults and consequently detained in adult detention centers where there are no services available to cater to their youth and increased potential for self betterment. More specifically, there is an absolute void of mental health programs available to the youths housed in the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC). In September of 2009, Jessica Turral founded Hand in Hand Baltimore, Inc. in an effort to diminish that void and provide the voiceless with a face.

HIH provides the youth with mental health and case management services continuously while at BCDC and upon their release into the community. Young men in our community based program are matched with mentors, placed into educational programs, assisted with employment searches/ job readiness, and above all else, receive a partner to help them change their lives around.

We are currently accepting new participants. Any young man between the ages of 14 and 21 who has had any type of interaction with the adult criminal justice system, while under the age of 18, is eligible. Our sessions are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If you are interested in applying, contact Marika Tate, Reentry Program Specialist at 410-889-5072 or via email