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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Georgia Gives Day

Since I launched The Fifty Co-Op I have signed up for many e-newsletters. Through following up on a notice I received from the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, I was able to speak with Mackenzie Wood, Development Director at GCN. This 20 year old organization is a "professional association and resource center for non profits in Georgia."
GCN acts as a resource for all of Georgia's nonprofit organizations, serving over 3000 each year. In addition to, "connecting non profits to the right capacity resources," GCN prioritizes "helping them streamline their operations so that they can spend more resources on what they do best - serving their clients."
 Most recently, GCN has been gearing up for Georgia Gives Day. GCN has been a resource to the participating organizations by working to connect them media outlets and to create an opportunity for them to shine through a statewide initiative.
 This project has some angels! "Edelman Public Relations has been on board since the very beginning helping us with strategy and the public relations," and " how to position this experience." GCN has, "had some amazing in-kind service."
 Along with media and public realtions resources at their disposal, GCN has, "endorsements from Atlanta's Mayor and the Secretary of State."
 In inspiring future leaders, GCN, facilitates events that teach skills through the lens of leadership as well as, "learning from other people."

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