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Friday, March 28, 2014

Forgotten Harvest

Support Forgotten Harvest as they continue their work to provide food assistance and fight hunger. They have a lot to celebrate in 2014 including starting Forgotten Harvest Farms last year where they grew more than 850,000 pounds of fresh produce. Additionally, they have won Charity Navigator's 4 Star ranking for the seventh year in a row. This honor is earned and only 2% of the organizations they rate, hold the 4 Star ranking.

This "trucking company with a soul," is based in Oak Park Michigan and is a National Partner of Feeding America.

Feeding America is a Better Business Bureau accredited charity based in Chicago with a network of over 200 food banks in the United States. In addition to partnering with Feeding America, Forgotten Harvest holds the distinction of being chosen as Crain's Detroit Business's Best Managed Non Profit in 2007.

You can check out Forgotten Harvest's support of Jessica Hauser and Coach Khali of the Downtown youth Boxing Gym, "100% of the kids have graduated from high school and 96% have gone on to college",on the Forgotten Harvest You Tube page!

The Forgotten Harvest Rescue Team is able to accommodate groups of up to 40 people and includes a variety of different ways to participate which includes and may not be limited to the following:

Warehouse Crew
Farm Team
DIY Fundraising
Data Entry Volunteers

The Volunteer Waiver and Checklist can be viewed at the link below:

Forgotten harvest has 455 food donors, a donor base of about 100,000 people and a group of 16,000 volunteers.

Last year alone they rescued over 45.5 million pounds of prepared and perishable food and are now sponsoring the 22nd Annual comedy night featuring Tim Allen. (See below)

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Orchestra Hall
3711 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226

To order by phone please call 313.576.5111

Questions & Concerns:
Rebecca Gade Sawicki at 248.864.7527

Only tickets valued over $55 will receive tax deductible benefit.

Sponsorship packages-Marc Berke at 248.967.1500 ext. 161

Friday, March 21, 2014

Atlanta Marathon

I decided to celebrate my thirtieth year by running a marathon and I have my eye on the Atlanta Marathon this October as it is within days of my birthday.

Yesterday I came across an article that both reminded me of this goal and brought home the importance of giving myself enough time to train.
I went out today for a jog and did about 2.2 miles (according to an online mapping program). I don't have a pedometer so for now, I can give my best guess.

Back when I was first getting into running consistently, my jogging route was about 7-8 miles.

This morning was a little chilly. I remember now that I would sometimes run with a nose mask when it was cold.

I'll be doing a review for a company that makes toe socks so look out for that soon!

Sending my encouragement to anyone who is taking on any type of endurance athletic event.

Dream Beyond Measure

The Fifty Co-Op Outtakes: The SITS Girls Badge

While visiting Oneika the Traveller I noticed that she is part of a community called The SITS Girls (see links below). Eventually I decided that I wanted to join the SITS community and made a first attempt at putting a badge on my page.

I say attempt because it took up until just a few days ago when I figured I would take another look at how to put up a badge. I finally noticed an HTML tab on my blog ( I think I may have been in the dashboard/back end section) and that brought up a page of what I'm guessing would makes sense if  I had an IT background. I ended up arbitrarily picking a spot in which to paste the link for the badge and that didn't work. I picked another spot which ended up working. Not only that, the badge ended up where it is now, in the upper left hand corner of my blog.

Glad, I got that sorted out. Visit the site to fact check me- I believe that SITS is made up of at least 40,000 bloggers.