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Friday, March 21, 2014

Atlanta Marathon

I decided to celebrate my thirtieth year by running a marathon and I have my eye on the Atlanta Marathon this October as it is within days of my birthday.

Yesterday I came across an article that both reminded me of this goal and brought home the importance of giving myself enough time to train.
I went out today for a jog and did about 2.2 miles (according to an online mapping program). I don't have a pedometer so for now, I can give my best guess.

Back when I was first getting into running consistently, my jogging route was about 7-8 miles.

This morning was a little chilly. I remember now that I would sometimes run with a nose mask when it was cold.

I'll be doing a review for a company that makes toe socks so look out for that soon!

Sending my encouragement to anyone who is taking on any type of endurance athletic event.

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