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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrapple Sandwich

Today I started doing some research so that I could put up some information about the food heritage of the Eastern Shore.I found some information about Smith Island Cake,now the official state dessert of Maryland actually!

Also, I found a video about making scrapple.

I never knew exactly what scrapple was made of beyond just a general sense that it was different parts of the hog.I can remember having it by itself or with some mustard,I used to like mine a little crispy.Now that I am researching food heritage, I am finding information about the larger cultural heritage in the Delmarva (Deleware/Maryland/Virgina) area and already I can see that I set quite a task for myself here.

My general impression based on what I have read of my own family history reminds me in some ways of the cultural history of Jamaica in that people of African descent as well as people from what is now the United Kingdom created a distinct culture.I'm starting to move beyond those general impressions to gain more of a thourough understanding of the forces that shaped Delmarva culture in general and the culture of the Eastern Shore specifically.

The population of Maryland is not quite six million people.I'm not sure how much smaller that number gets when you narrow that down to the population of the Eastern Shore. I want to play some part in keeping the history and traditions going so I'll be posting up info and recipes from the Eastern Shore in The Fifty Co-Op Kitchen from time to time.

Digitizing Delmarva Heritage and Traditions initiative

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