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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go Raw Real Live Food

After living in New York and having access to healthy-food-palooza I know for sure that if you really look, you can find some great, healthy,tasty food products. Go Raw-Real Live Food is a company based in Mountain View California.
When I received some of their products to review, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had sent so much.I tried the Banana Bread Flax bar first and after trying their Live Granola, which I have stashed away at work for the occasional (okay almost daily) snack, as well as a few different flavors of their Super Cookies, I would definitely support this company.The Carrot Cake Super Cookies are delicious!
I attended a get together and took the Pizza Flax Snacks with me and they were a hit. One person stopped to take down the website.
On top of everything else, they sent me chocolate. Score! Real Live Chocolate comes in shiny individually wrapped squares and they taste like what I imagine real old fashioned chocolate treats would taste like. I haven't been to Belgium but I imagine they have a whole other standard for sweets than what I have been used to.They have agave nectar, which I just found out a bout a few years ago. I'm at a point where I am starting to recognize certain natural products and understand what function they serve. I also like the Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, they might taste good as a salad topping, or maybe a nice finish to a pasta dish.
I love chai, so for the piece de resistance (spelling) I have to mention that I really enjoyed the Masala Chai Super Cookies. I used to live near a neighborhood garden and have been interested in urban/community gardening for a while now. Maybe because my family is from the country I'm not new to the idea that food by itself (with out a lot of extra stuff) actually tastes pretty good if you know what you're doing. I wonder how more products like these can be positioned so that all these food deserts we have here in the states can offer healthy food to undeserved areas? I'd be very interested in comments...
All the Best!
The Fifty Co-Op

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