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Monday, December 16, 2013

Amy's Kitchen

Most people who have food sensitivities are probably already aware of Amy's Kitchen, a frozen food company with a variety of vegetarian options.

One unique product you may not yet be aware of is the rice crust pizza. I'm not 100% certain about  the retailer from whom I purchased this item. It may have been whole foods. For those in the mid west, I think Sprouts may carry Amy's Kitchen products.

If you are wondering where you can find Amy's Kitchen in your area, the Amy's Kitchen website has a Store Locator feature on their website.

The FAQ's section on their website addresses a variety of points that consumers may want to review including information about everything from the 2012 completion of a transition to the use of cans that use no BPA in the formulation of their liners to their 2003 Kosher certification.Additionally, for those who are interested in vegetarian cooking, you can find a listing of vegetarian cookbooks.

I wanted to include more information about what makes Amy's Kitchen unique and through searching around on their website found that they have a periodic newsletter. The Fall 2013 newsletter includes a write up suggesting that customers save their POP proof of purchase tabs in order to trade for Amy's Kitchen products.

Currently, their website has a coupon available for download for .50 c off of any Amy's Dessert Item.

Amy's Kitchen has taken customer feedback about having lost weight eating Amy's and turned it into Amy's Diet Plan. You can find out about who they worked with in putting the diet together as well as some exercise tips.

I'm always interested to read about success stories so if you have also started a business and would be interested in sharing you story, I can be reached at


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