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Friday, January 31, 2014

Wholevine Products

Whole Vine products are created by California based SonomaCeuticals. Cheers to the founders for maintaining 100% ownership of their company. This company is profitable with a purpose as it was founded,  "to become a sustainable wellspring of funding," for philanthropic organizations.

"The products' wine country sources ingredients are from 100% certified sustainably grown grapes and vines with natural nutrition and purity, and a traceable provenance of some of coastal California’s top vineyards."

Here are some bullet points regarding the products they have available to customers. Whole Vine customers can shop at or they can visit the store :


Gluten-free cookies
Gluten-free flours
Culinary Oil
Artisan Wheat Crackers
Vine Grown Colors
Natural Cosmetics-Coming Soon

My favorite product was the Award Winning Oatmeal California Currant gluten free cookies. You can read more about the Sonoma County Harvest Fair's Double Gold award for gluten free desserts.

Through Whole Vine I learned about a Grape Seed Flour and Grape Skin Flour. According to the Whole Vine website, these Gluten Free products are farmed by Jackson Family Wines and offer various nutrients such as calcium, dietary fiber and essential amino acids and proteins.

Whole Vine has Cook's Tips available to provide information about how you can use Grape Skin and Grape Seed Flour.

* Grape skin flour helps to stabilize egg whites
* Make flavored salts and rubs
* Use to emulsify salad dressings
* Make juicier, more flavorful burgers and meatloves
* Grape seed flour keeps baked goods fresher longer
* Use grape seed and grape skin flour when making marshmallows.

"The grape seed and skin flours are rich in potassium,calcium, and magnesium, with a good amount or iron,copper, and zinc as well. Moreover, these grape flours provide optimal ratios of minerals, being high in potassium but low in sodium, while also having an excellent balance of both calcium and magnesium."

"Notably, the raw materials we harvest were the ones typically cast aside until now. We conceive of a time when everything in the vineyard is harvested for its highest best use, something we call Optimum Harvesting."

Whole Vine Theatre offers several videos for anyone interested in multimedia resources.


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