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Thursday, January 29, 2015

3rd Twitterversary

In light of today being the 3rd Twitterversary of The Fifty Co-Op,  I decided to take a look back at what I was doing around this time last year. 

I went back to the post I did about California based MWBE Whole Vine and will share parts of that review below.

I celebrate having joined The SITS Girls blogging community and I have much appreciation for the viewers that have stopped by The Fifty Co-Op from all over the world. To be able to use the phrase, " from all over the world, " literally, is pretty cool in my book.

This past year saw an addition to the blog of more multimedia features as well as the first photo exhibit. I am glad that my interest in art has now become a part of The Fifty Co-Op and, even better, it connected me with the great Blogger

After that first exhibit, I did another exhibit of photography from with the goal of inspiring action on the issue of human trafficking.

I don't really think in terms of disappointments, I just think in terms of each event or interaction and what I took from it.

I look forward to finishing off my to do list of finished reviews to post here and I also look forward to completing the features I have in progress.

I have to thank some people from the Blogging community who have inspired me and/or encouraged me in some way or have been a part of the growth of the blog.

Field Negro
Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot
Mothering from scratch
Tara Dara Made It

Highlights from the Whole Vine post are below.

Whole Vine products are created by California based SonomaCeuticals. Cheers to the founders for maintaining 100% ownership of their company. This company is profitable with a purpose as it was founded,  "to become a sustainable wellspring of funding," for philanthropic organizations.

* Grape skin flour helps to stabilize egg whites

* Make flavored salts and rubs

* Use to emulsify salad dressings

* Make juicier, more flavorful burgers and meatloaves

* Grape seed flour keeps baked goods fresher longer

* Use grape seed and grape skin flour 

"Notably, the raw materials we harvest were the ones typically cast aside until now. We conceive of a time when everything in the vineyard is harvested for its highest best use, something we call Optimum Harvesting."

Whole Vine Theatre offers several videos:

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