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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Impact and Collaborative Community Building

Earlier today, I was thinking about the non profit Love 146 and how learning about that organization has given me an awareness of another aspect of human rights work.

The first non profit organizations I learned about in my late teens and early twenties were Celebrate Life and the Rebecca Project for Human Rights focusing on cervical cancer awareness and social justice issues related to young women.

Looking back, although I am glad that I had a chance to learn about cervical cancer, I wonder how many other young women in my generation have inadequate information about sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR).

I have maintained my interest in learning about public health topics for my own sake as well as to get information out about current topics in health.

When I think about social justice initiatives that are geared towards young women I am left thinking about where the resources are for young men.

The following talking points come to mind. (This is not at all an exhaustive list)

Where do young men have the opportunity to start cultivating the kinds of sensibilities that will most likely contribute to being a constructive member of their communities, families etc...

When the young women in whom we as a society invest get to a certain age, with whom will they be likely to be able to build a family?

How can we expect an optimal result as far as community building if the investment of resources is not across the board in terms of  impacting the lives of both young men and young women?

What are some models for community building that can actually work in day to day life?

Where does social media fit in to the process of figuring out how best to deliver services and resources to people in need as well as providing information?

What does it take to be able to untangle all of our current social issues in order to have an infrastructure of programs and information that work effectively? 

Obviously any kind of program or initiative providing direct services has to be done with an awareness of sustainability in order to have an impact that lasts beyond addressing immediate circumstances.

The bottom line is whether or not your work has an impact.

What is the lingua franca of social impact?

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