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Thursday, December 1, 2016

World AIDS Day

Those of you who use social media for advocacy are well aware of the variety of ways to get the word out about causes that impact either your own life, or the lives of your friends, family, peers and the wider world.

You can visit the following websites to view events and conferences related to AIDS and other topics in health.

United Kingdom

United States

Within the public health community there is a movement to find a vaccine for AIDS and there is information about the current state of these efforts via through the website.

The National Institute of Health also has information available if you want to base all impressions and subsequent actions on the work of medical professionals.

Generally, I feel that the conversation around HIV/AIDS Awareness is much more substantial than it was when I was growing up.

Being that there is a distinction between advocacy and providing direct services, I thought it would be interesting to include some information about an organization who states that their approach is based around care for for the whole person.

Ontario, Canada

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