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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Life of Trayvon Martin

I thought about not writing this post. Earlier today I had an exchange that brought to mind the concept as well as the power of perception.

My work day was over; as well, or so I thought, as my all day-every day-every time I leave the house effort, to field consistent slights based at least in part on being a visible minority.

Being as race is the death knell of casual conversation, it often makes good sense to think twice before bringing up the, "R," word.

However, given the topic of this post, race is most definitely a factor.

The life of Trayvon Martin was ruined in less than the space of a day because of perception.

When we talk about perception, are we speaking essentially about human nature? Human frailty?

So humanity, here we are in 2017.

The Adam Smith approach to nation building puts forward the idea that there is a direct relationship betwixt and between the overall well being of the individual and that of nations as a whole.

So what do we make of this if we extrapolate the following information to the scale of an entire country? I think the numbers say a whole heck of a lot all by themselves.

Age  17 to 20  
$10          x   25  Hours/Week  =   $250.00        per Week
$250        x   52  Weeks/Year   =   $13,000.00   per Year
$13,000   x   3    Years             =   $52,000.00   GROSS Earnings

The spaces below are intentionally blank.

Age  21 to 25   -
Age  26 to 30   -
Age  31 to 35   -
Age  36 to 65   -
Age  65 to ...

$52,000.00 is enough to fly around the world a few times and still have some left over.It is also enough to support local businesses, start looking into home ownership, pursue professional development and/or higher education and other such aspirations.

The ripple effect of destroying people goes beyond the life of one individual.

Must this be a painfully slow process...

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