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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Human Rights Day: The Rebecca Project for Justice

The Rebecca Project for Justice

A number of years ago I learned about The Rebecca Project for Justice and the work that they do in the area of Human Rights.

I remember being struck by the fact that the woman who was instrumental in launching this project is such a powerhouse. From what I remember they work to put forward the idea that many women who have obstacles in front of them whether it be regarding employment, keeping their families in tact etc...are survivors of some form of trauma who never had the appropriate amount of support around them from early on in their lives. They move forward in their work with the goal of seeing women who can benefit from some form of drug treatment have access to family centered treatment options.

On their website they list information for those seeking family centered treatment programs.The list covers quite a few states and can be visited at the link below.

Since I met the former Executive Director years ago, this organization has gone on to be featured in Oprah's O Magazine. There are links below for The Rebecca Project for Justice website as well as the United Nations website.


The Rebecca Project for Justice

United Nations
Human Rights Day

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