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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Public Health: Injury Free Kids Coalition

Injury Free Coalition for Kids

While listening to a Foundation Center Webinar, I found out about the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, and organization whose origins are in New York City. From what I remember in the webinar, they started in Harlem and then replicated their work elsewhere.

Follow the link below to visit their website.
Journal of Urban Health PDF

Similar to the National Diaper Bank Network, I previously blogged about, the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, includes Injury Free Member Sites nationwide as well as a site in Ontario, Canada.

IFCK takes a three fold approach to their work including research, education and advocacy. Each of the 42 sites are based in the trauma facilities of the partners that support their work.

Their home base is the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Visit the IFCK online donation page to learn more about how you can give to IFCK.

December is  Safe Toys and Gifts Month which you can learn more about through the non profit organization Prevent Blindness at the link below.

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