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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Photography Exhibit: Of Every Moment



   I found out about the Liebster Award-winning blogger through the blogging  community The SITS Girls and noticed that her blog included food photography. In support of The SITS Girls as well as Of Every Moment, I welcome you to view the following exhibit featuring her food photography.

       * All photos and recipe/dish titles are directly credited to
             * I added on stylized captions for each photograph

                                "Roasted Butternut-Apple Soup"







        "These apple crisp jars are a cute gift, even if the ribbons were rather hastily tied!"




"I know there is a rooster on these linens, but the turkeys are all packed away until next Thanksgiving!"

soul.warmth.sunday afternoon.relax

     "The most - - of Every Moment Caramel Apple Cookies"



                    "Maple Walnut Cake with Maple Icing"

                      unique.presentation.the human touch

                                       "Fresh Berry Parfait"

                           nature.quietude.pleasant.mingling flavors

                        "Made in a Few Moments Flatbread Pizza"


"Easter cookie cutters can be used to make cut-outs in the top crust to make this pie even more seasonal!"

                     "Ample Apples for Amazing Recipes"

                                    cast iron pots.flora.simple.



"Canoe-Trip Banana Butterscotch Brownies and Ultimate Chocolate Brownies." 

baking.after work.weekends.treats

"Chocolate Banana muffins - MMmmm!"!.lagom.abundance.enjoy.

                         * Lagom is a swedish word that means, 'enough for everyone'.    



            "Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies - packed and ready to be shared!"

                                       the simple pleasures in life


     "Image: Are there practically empty containers in your fridge, also?"

                                         this gave me a chuckle

                   "This trifle desert is so easy to make and assemble."



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