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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Soap Box Soaps

The movement towards using business as a source for social impact has gained a considerable amount of traction as a variety of companies have decidedly established a presence within the landscape of philanthropic initiatives.

Corporate resources combined with a foundation arm have the potential to steward various forms of support as appropriate. 

Over the years I have learned of several companies that have some level of community engagement. I was at my local grocery store and came
across a product from Soapbox Soaps. 

Through Soapbox Soaps, I learned of another opportunity for conscious consumerism. I purchased the,"Smooth and Repair Coconut Oil Body Wash."

The goal of Soap Box Soaps, "Is to empower customers to change the world through everyday, quality purchases."

I see great value in demonstrating that conscious consumerism can be applied in a way that the average person walking down the street can access. 

So exactly what impact was created here?

While visiting, I entered the, "Hope Code," printed on the container and learned of the Sundara Fund.

My impression of the idea of conscious consumerism is that purchasing decisions complimented with grants and other forms of support can affect a meaningful social impact.

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